Reading Architecture is the second class in the 4-course theory sequence at DoArch. The class is about performing close readings of architectural networks to reveal the theoretical underpinnings of buildings, texts, and contexts. The primary goal of this process is to disassociate architecture from individual authorship by theorizing about the power structures that architecture benefits from, supports, and enables. Developing rhetorical confidence through building trust between faculty and students is central to Reading Architecture.

The class is organized around two primary themes:
1. Architecture and Territories
2. Architecture and Media

Throughout the semester, these two broad themes are woven around speculative conversations and assignments that link students and faculty to a range of discursive, open-access, online platforms. Conversations are designed around different forums—lectures, small group discussions, guest presentations, one-on-one meetings, etc.— to connect students with a diversity of voices, while finding their own voice.